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Sunsmart farming, is smart farming

Federated Farmers wants to remind farmers and growers this is a good time to be thinking about getting "sunsmart" for summer.

Water entity concerns run too deep to just press ahead - Feds

Federated Farmers joins the many council elected representatives and citizens up and down the country urging the government to go back to the drawing board on reform of three waters delivery.


Submission on the Freshwater Farm Plan Regulations

FF's key concern is that there is insufficient detail in the discussion document to really understand what is being proposed and, where it does seem to be clear, it appears these plans will be overly burdensome on farmers.

Submission on Managing Intensive Winter Grazing

The government has proposed loosening a number of provisions, which FF's supports, but there are still some areas where the intensive winter grazing regulations require further work.

Submission on proposed changes to the Low Slope Map Regulations 2020

While these changes address some concerns, they still do not go far enough. It would be impossible to establish a method of accurately identifying the land where the proportional environmental benefits out weigh the costs.