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Economic Week - February 22

Kudos to the minority of three on the Tax Working Group, who stuck to their guns and pointed out the administration costs, complexity and investment distortions from a CGT

Feds calls for regulation of stock agents

No-one likes more rules and regulations, but for the protection of all concerned, it's time for compulsory regulation of the stock agent industry - Feds

Feds: put capital gains tax back in the kennel

Federated Farmers has said from the outset that a capital gains tax is a mangy dog, that will add unacceptably high costs and complexity.


Lake Rotorua PC10

We're working really hard in the Lake Rotorua catchment to ensure farmers are treated fairly regarding nitrogen discharge allowances. Show your support by contributing to our legal costs.

Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers Water Conservation Order

Federated Farmers Submission for Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers Water Conservation Order in the Hawkes Bay Region - updated February 2019