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Friday Flash May 26

From a farmers’ point of view there were pluses, and some omissions, in Steven Joyce’s first Budget.

Economic week May 26

Whoever wins the September election will inherit a healthy set of books but they could easily be squandered if there is a spending spree followed by a shock -as happened in 2008...

Rural people should not be second class citizens for health services

One of the strong themes was it’s about investing in primary health care in the peacetime - when things are going good - so that when we’re hit by an adverse event we’re more prepared," Katie Milne said..


Immigration changes - discussion document email error

Submissions open until 5pm tomorrow

High Country Conference Final Call for Registrations

Come and join us for the 2017 Federated Farmers' High Country National Conference

Tips for sending cows to winter grazing

Because you’re busy we’ll keep it brief: