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Federated Farmers and Gallagher forge new business relationship

Feds and Gallagher’s shared values of providing solutions for rural communities has sparked the new relationship.

Greater use of Council uniform charges

Property value-based rates fail on the basic principles of fair taxation; they do not naturally reflect income, wealth, or use of services and can be easily manipulated to political ends says Feds President and local government spokesperson Katie Mil

Lease-holders' rights important part of High Country equation

Locking up High Country lease land in perpetuity as quasi public estate, without compensation, would be protection by stealth


Lake Rotorua PC10

We're working really hard in the Lake Rotorua catchment to ensure farmers are treated fairly regarding nitrogen discharge allowances. Show your support by contributing to our legal costs.

Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers Water Conservation Order

Federated Farmers Submission for Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers Water Conservation Order in the Hawkes Bay Region - updated February 2019