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Economic Week - March 15

Food prices rose 0.7% (seasonally adjusted) in February, with fruit up 1.9% and vegetables up 2.7%. Meat, poultry and fish prices fell 0.6%, but there were increases for beef & veal (up 1.5%) and mutton, lamb & hogget (up 3.6%).

Thankful for the assist

Feds board member and fire spokesperson Karen Williams said the fire has been devastating for many and anything constructive the Government can do to help Tasman should be encouraged.

Greenpeace billboard ruled ‘misleading’

Federated Farmers believes everyone has the right to express strong views but as the ASA Complaints Board ruling underlines, over-simplification of issues and targeting of two farmer-owned companies is misleading and overly provocative.


Lake Rotorua PC10

We're working really hard in the Lake Rotorua catchment to ensure farmers are treated fairly regarding nitrogen discharge allowances. Show your support by contributing to our legal costs.

Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers Water Conservation Order

Federated Farmers Submission for Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers Water Conservation Order in the Hawkes Bay Region - updated February 2019