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Feds Looks at the Good the Bad and the Ugly Policy on Offer

With only a day or two to go, and likely half the votes cast already, Federated Farmers has done a run through of the policies on offer for rural Kiwis in this election.

Economic week September 22

Don’t forget to vote! Tomorrow is election day and the week leading up has seen the release of a heap of information that taken together point to a solid level of economic activity..

Nobody Pays for Water - Kiwis are Being Brainwashed into Thinking they Do

Making farmers pay for the water they use is unfair, because nobody else pays for the water they use.


Advice on Employment Issues

Factsheet reqarding employment issues during calving

Water Royalty Campaign

We need financial support to gather evidence to show a water royalty is a bad idea.

Waikato Healthy Rivers Campaign

Help us to gather evidence for the Healthy Rivers plan consultation.