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Hamilton science breakthough helps farmers improve nitrogen loss

Federated Farmers congratulates Hamilton company CRV Ambreed around its work in identifying a genetic variant which reduces nitrogen excreted in the urine of cows.

Economic Week March 31

There was another monthly goods trade deficit in February, according to Statistics NZ’s

Feds see nothing new in OECD Environment Report

The OECD’s report released today on New Zealand’s environmental progress tells us nothing we didn’t already know, Federated Farmers water spokesperson Chris Allen says.


Should Farmers have the Right to Use Approved Genetic Technologies?

Genetic technologies are the next revolution in farming with the ability now to precisely edit genes for desirable traits.  These techniques must be assessed and approved by the Environmental Protection Authority.  But some local councils want to ban these technologies and take the choice to use them away from farmers. A battle is under way in Parliament right now, led by the Maori Party, as to whether or not farmers should be able to have the right to use genetic technologies which have been approved by the government regulator, the Environmental Protection Authority, or whether Local Councils should be able to quash that right.

Read the letter below for more information.

Water reform proposals - Clean Water 2017 consultation

In late February, Ministers Smith and Guy announced the next round of proposed water reforms called ‘Clean Water’ for consultation.

Good practice guidelines for the Welfare of Bobby Calves

DairyNZ good practice guidelines for the welfare of bobby calves