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Feds ready to engage and work with new coalition government

There’s undoubtedly challenges ahead for those tasked with governing the country. One thing the new government can be sure of is; Federated Farmers is ready to play its part as a primary sector leader and voice of New Zealand farming

Economic week October 20

Well, as everyone now knows NZ First has chosen Labour to form a coalition, with support of the Greens

Robust primary sector a solid foundation for the incoming government

When the new government sits down and closely analyses the value of our primary sector to the wider economy they will acknowledge that we are very lucky to have such a robust and profitable agriculture sector...


Northland Regional Plan Farmer Engagement Workshops

Northland Regional Council has notified their Regional Plan and we want to hear from you

Lake Rotorua Plan Change 10 Campaign

Help us to gather evidence for the Healthy Rivers plan consultation.

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