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What can we expect in 2017?

There will be elections in some key European countries, like France, Germany and the Netherlands, which will test the strength of Eurosceptic parties. China and Russia will continue to display their recent assertiveness.


Coloured dots on a digital map and a techie working overtime in Poland meant Federated Farmers could make full use of technology as it responded to the Kaikoura earthquake and after-shocks.

Final Economic Week for 2016

Every year Christmas seems to come at a mad rush and this extends even to economic data, with an avalanche of information this week making for festive excitement for economists.


Blackgrass Response 2016-17

Be vigilant for blackgrass this growing season - with a potential estimated industry impact of $8.14 million, we all need to do our part in preventing blackgrass incursion

Rural Boundary Fencing

Factsheet on rural boundary fencing

Keep an eye out for the pea weevil

Philippa Rawlinson talks about pea weevil in the Wairarapa and what people can do nationwide to stop the spread