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Wool Summit leads to greater direction

Great hopes for wool industry after Wool Summit promotes creation of new coordinating group.

Federated Farmers wishes all power to Productivity Commission inquiry

The independent and thorough scrutiny the Productivity Commission should bring to bear on local government costs and funding could be the circuit-breaker ratepayers are looking for, Feds says.

Economic Week - July 13

A big rise in vegetable prices was the main driver for the 0.5% food price rise in June. Beef and veal prices were up 4.4% and mutton, lamb and hogget down 1.5%.


Advice on Employment Issues

Factsheet reqarding employment issues during calving

Lake Rotorua Plan Change 10 Campaign

Help us to gather evidence for the Healthy Rivers plan consultation.

Water Royalty Campaign

We need financial support to gather evidence to show a water royalty is a bad idea.