Adverse Event Information and Support for Farmers


Farmers who are short of feed or who have feed to donate or sell can call the Federated Farmers FEEDLINE (0800 327 646) and select Option 2 to list on either the “Feed Wanted” or the “Feed Available” resource.

Note that the Federation does not take any part in the sale of feed and it is up to prospective buyers and sellers or donors to get in touch with each other themselves. If a bid or transaction is accepted by either party, a contract of sale will be formed between the parties directly.

Other Channels for the Sale or Purchase of Feed

Federated Farmers have partnered with StockX to give members more choice when trading livestock, on a secure online platform which directly connects sellers and buyers.  You may need to change your on-farm system mid-season, if this means a change in stock numbers, head to, register for free and pay only 2.5% commission on sale transactions.

When a medium scale adverse event has been declared in an area, livestock sale and purchase transactions are available at a reduced commission of 2% (for affected farmers) and a two for one deal on classified listings for feed and grazing at $48.50 plus GST.

The StockX team are available to offer full support, contact them on 0508 786 259 or through

Government Support

When adverse events occur, whether a local scale emergency declaration in an area or a medium scale event or larger that is declared by the Ministry for Primary Industries, certain recovery measures (depending on the scale of the event) are available. For more information on this assistance, click here .

Rural Support Trust

The Rural Support Trust is there to help, working along side you, in a natural disaster such as a drought. They can help with your application for financial assistance, provide support, and connect you to other services should you need them.  Call them on 0800 787 254 or click here  to go to their website. All calls are free, local, and confidential. If they don't answer first go, leave a message and they will get back to you. This line is open to all rural people, not just farm and business owners.


The DairyNZ website has tools and information for managing your dairy farm through drought as well more tools on planning ahead. They also have resources for farms experiencing low pasture growth due to high rainfall and how to future proof your system for coming seasons. 

Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has an Extreme Dry Management Tool kit available on their website for drystock farmers, as well as additional information on animal welfare, supplementary feeding, and planning ahead.

Staff Management

As is the case in these situations, due to the financial hardship of drought, you may need advice on what to do with staff if you can't continue to pay them during this period. For our members, you can call 0800 327 646 who can connect you to the Member Employment Lawyer free service. Alternatively, you can see the redundancy and other employment factsheets available on our employment page. For non-members, you can contact the Rural Support Trust for more advice and information or an independent lawyer.