Member Advisory

Future Proofing Our Industry

October 19, 2018

An invitation to farm owners and sharemilkers.
The Sharemilker Farm Owners’ Section and the Sharemilkers’ Section of Federated Farmers are reviewing the VOSM.
One consideration is to combine the Variable Order Sharemilking Agreement and the contract for contract milking, as they are very similar apart from the method of payment.
This meeting is for farm owners and sharemilkers to discuss the pros and cons of combining these agreements. Would it offer flexibility or would it tie farm owners into something they don’t want? Come along, learn what’s at stake and share your views.
The date is November 5, 10.30am – 1pm at Whareroa Farm Source office. The speakers are Tony Wilding, Chairperson, Sharemilker Farm Owners’ Section and Brendan Attrill Vice Chairperson, Sharemilker Farm Owners’ Section.
Please RSVP here or call to 06 757 3423.