1 & 2 July 2019, Te Papa, Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand, Wellington

Primary Industries New Zealand will be a platform and focal point for New Zealand decision-makers and influencers involved in the primary industries value chain from producers through to research and science communities, technologists, marketers, Iwi and government to hear key analysis and expert insight informing the outlook for a sustainable future.
Looking out to 2020 and beyond, continued primary sector growth depends on our ability to use technology to innovate and our enthusiasm to collaborate well to develop higher value products for new markets.
Primary Industries NZ Summit themes:
  • Supporting New Zealand Inc as well as the government’s Primary Industries Growth Strategy  
  • Provide the latest “Situation & Outlook data” to inform the sector and provide a platform for discussion and analysis
  • Discuss what farm ownership will look like in 2030 with exploration of models to support investment to secure New Zealand’s future  
  • The Maori economy and its importance to leveraging New Zealand’s primary industry future.
  • Analyse and predict shifting consumer preferences 
  • Innovation and solving problems to mitigate pest incursion and biosecurity threats
  • New Zealand’s contribution to climate change
  • Improving success and transparency in social license and environmental performance
  • Showcasing exemplars of New Zealand’s diverse primary industries as well as providing a platform for global thinking on innovation and technologies enabling pathways to a sustainable future.
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