Federated Farmers, initially through Mohair New Zealand and latterly through the wider-based Goat Industry Group, has been significantly involved in advocating for the whole goat farming industry on resource management matters for over a decade. This work mainly involves submitting for less stringent controls on goat farming in general.

Many proposals stem from an ignorance among regulators of modern goat farming techniques and practices and it would be fair to say that a sizeable majority of our submissions have achieved success with these people once they have been 'brought up to date'.

Federated Farmers policy team has proved invaluable in assisting with submissions throughout New Zealand. Without Federated Farmers, many goat farmers would have been regulated out of business.

Federated Farmers Goats represents the interests of Goat farmers through their industry group executive, headed by Mohair New Zealand Inc.

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Goat Group News

Update: Resource Management Amendment Bill

Posted on 5/11/2019
This is an update to our previous Advisory on 9 October regarding proposed amendments to the Resource Management Act (RMA).

Banking survey - be in to win an Air NZ trip

Posted on 5/11/2019
Welcome to the second Federated Farmers Banking Survey for 2019

Coming Up - 50 Shades of Green Day

Posted on 31/10/2019
The Fifty Shades of Green movement is gaining momentum, and are marching to Parliament on the 14 November...

Seeking views on how to fund Fire & Emergency NZ

Posted on 31/10/2019
Fire and Emergency New Zealand was formed in 2017...

Climate Change announcements

Posted on 24/10/2019
There have been two major announcements this week regarding Climate Change

Goat Policy Work

Submission on Priority Product Declaration and Priority Stewardship Scheme Guidelines

Posted on 4/10/2019
Proposed priority products and priority product stewardship guidelines -Consultation Document 2019

Submission on: National Animal Identification & Tracing Amendment Bill No. 2

Posted on 29/08/2019
Federated Farmers Submission on Submission on: National Animal Identification & Tracing Amendment Bill No. 2

Best practice for storage, pick-up & disposal of slink (& other) animals

Posted on 15/08/2019
Slink animals are generally those which are born dead or die within a few hours or days of birth ...

Proposed Animal Welfare Regulations Significant Surgical Procedures

Posted on 25/07/2019
Federated Farmers Submission on the Proposed Animal Welfare Regulations Significant Surgical Procedures


Animal Welfare Regulations October 1 2018 Factsheet

Posted on 19/06/2019
A list of all the regulations that come into effect on October 1st 2018 and cover cattle, sheep, deer, goats and dogs are available in this fact sheet.

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