The Skilled Worker Initiative

Teams are on the ground revisiting farmers and identifying their latest needs as we move into recovery; and received more than 30 calls last week on the 0800 FARMING line asking and offering help. It’s a matter of making sure we get the right skills and the word is out. For more information click here

1.  Information for potential volunteers and skilled workers

Funding is available for specific workers to help in earthquake recovery. At the moment there is demand for:
  •  Skilled fencers
  • General farm skills (milking, calving, weaning)
  • Building skills (able to do minor repairs to farm building, internal house damage).
What you can do now:
  • Call 0800 FARMING to register your skills and availability
  • Your skills are matched in the database to latest needs on the ground and teams are planned to go area by area
  • AgStaff manages interviews, contract, health and safety and privacy information
  • Volunteers via 0800 FARMING can get up to $100/week expenses reimbursed
  • The programme is expected to run until May 2017.

2.  For affected farmers / growers in the area

Please log your requests for help now on 0800 FARMING (0800 327 646) – don’t wait until everyone else is fixed first!
  • We are sending teams in area by area where possible so need to know what your requirements are to plan our visits
  • Don’t wait until everyone else is fixed first! We can get your work done when we have the right workers in the area
  • Registering through this number is free for you and the workers
  • Government has allocated funds to pay skilled workers and reimburse some volunteer expenses through this programme
  • The programme finishes May 2017 at the latest.
Note there is also demand for accommodation and workers.

The Primary Industries’ Earthquake Relief Fund

Please make sure affected farmers know about the Earthquake Relief Fund for uninsurable infrastructure repairs. The deadline has been extended to 31 March and there are workshops to help farmers / growers who want help applying for grants.  Information on the workshops and fund is here, and the direct link for FAQ and application form is here.