Media release

Sanity prevails over proposed animal manure imports says Feds

August 11, 2017
Sanity based on sound science has prevailed says Federated Farmers after the Government confirmed it would no longer be permitting imports of products containing animal manure.
The decision follows a Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) investigation which discovered imported compost from the Netherlands, intended for mushroom growing, contained animal manure.
"This is the right decision and we are glad the Government has taken this step. Federated Farmers made a strong submission earlier in the year against these imports," says Guy Wigley, Federated Farmers' Biosecurity Spokesperson.
MPI had put the import on hold until it developed a new import health standard to cover animal-based manure.
"The initial measures outlined in the proposed import health standard were simply not robust enough or science based in our opinion, and this presented a biosecurity risk.
"We don’t allow anyone from overseas to bring unauthorised raw meat into the country as the risks are just too great and this particular import request fits that category of not meeting our current stringent import health standards," says Guy.