Federated Farmers looks for practical solutions to help Australian counterparts

9 August 2018

Federated Farmers is working on positive ways to help drought stricken farmers across the Tasman, says national president Katie Milne.

Federated Farmers is exploring ways the advocacy group can support Australian farmers impacted by the horrific drought conditions they face. NSW has not faced such a prolonged dry spell, according to a news report, since soldiers returned from the Boer war.

The feelings of helplessness on this side of the Tasman are many, says Katie.

However, there are practical things people can do, she says.

“For instance we’re testing the idea that if anyone out there has a couple of spare rooms or a cottage they may want to offer, to let their Australian peers know and give them the opportunity to catch some respite by offering them a place to take a break.

“If our Australian friends can grab a cheap seat on a plane and just escape the drought headspace for a couple of days, or weeks, and rest up in New Zealand – that could do wonders for their mental health.

“If there is interest from both sides of the Tasman in this scheme we will work out a way to make that happen.”

There may be people who want to donate money to drought relief charities, Katie says.

“If you know an Australian farmer, please check with them about which charity they think you should donate to before you do.

“It might just be that they need you to offer them an ear - let them talk through what is happening to them.”