Feds and all Farmers Will Be Relieved By M.Bovis Decision

The government’s decision to cull all the livestock on properties so far identified as having been contaminated by the Mycoplasma Bovis disease will be a huge relief for all drystock and dairy farmers.

Federated Farmers applauds the Ministry for Primary Industries decision announced today to continue the cull on all the 28 farms so far infected by the nasty disease.

“Basically what this says to us is that the government and MPI are still committed to trying to eradicate this disease. Their determination to do the best we can to get rid of it should be acknowledged by all farmers,” Federated Farmers president Katie Milne says.

However, it also needs to be acknowledged that this means a devastating loss to the families and businesses involved with these properties.

“This is a truly appalling time for the families and farm staff who own and manage the stock involved. 

“We need families, friends and communities to gather together to support our people going through this,” Katie says.