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Rural people should not be second class citizens for health services

Posted on 26/05/2017
One of the strong themes was it’s about investing in primary health care in the peacetime - when things are going good - so that when we’re hit by an adverse event we’re more prepared," Katie Milne said..

Feds successful in stopping unnecessary rules for Northland farmers

Posted on 25/05/2017
Northland farmers no longer require resource consent for using hazardous substances on-farm...

Feds comment on Budget 2017

Posted on 25/05/2017
Federated Farmers is pleased to see there is also more funding for tourism infrastructure, transport and police - provided rural needs in these sectors are also looked after...

Fonterra forecast signals dairy industry revival

Posted on 24/05/2017
Many dairy farmers throughout the country will be enjoying their lunch today. This is great news and comes after a turbulent few years where the industry has been under the pump...


Reserve Bank cautious on dairy industry recovery
By Nick Clark

The financial system is still sound but housing, dairy, and bank funding costs remain key risks, according to the Reserve Bank’s latest six-monthly Financial Stability Report. Read more

Economic week May 26

Posted on 26/05/2017
Whoever wins the September election will inherit a healthy set of books but they could easily be squandered if there is a spending spree followed by a shock -as happened in 2008...

Economic week May 19

Posted on 19/05/2017
The GDT is now above its previous recent peak in early December 2016 and is up 61.6 percent on the same time last year...


President’s Address to National Council Federated Farmers, 15 February 2017

Posted on 15/02/2017
Last year we all learnt a new phrase – “Post Truth Politics”. We discovered that it is apparently legitimate, according to one White House spokesperson, to cite “alternative facts”.

Address to Meat & Fibre Council 14 February 2017 by Rick Powdrell

Posted on 14/02/2017
Everybody in this room today would agree that meat and fibre farmers are facing some major challenges at this point in time, many would say for some time.