Environmental Policy

Policy regarding New Zealand's natural environment is as broad as it is complex. It also underpins many other sectors Federated Farmers works on, such as employment, biosecurity, economics & trade and climate change. Farming within the framework of the RMA can be a real challenge for farmers, so our work is based on ensuring that the social, environmental and economic aspects of agriculture are understood and given a fair deal. 

Whats been happening

National Environment Standard - Plantation Forestry

Posted on 20/04/2018
Federated Farmers Submission for National Environment Standard - Plantation Forestry

Environment Contacts

Paul Le Miére

Regional Policy Manager North Island
M: 027 617 1796
E: plemiere@fedfarm.org.nz

Kim Reilly

Regional Policy Manager South Island
M: 021 887 537
E: kreilly@fedfarm.org.nz