Drones Factsheet
(Adobe PDF File)

Federated Farmers Factsheet on the Rules of the use of Drones

Federated Farmers has had several member queries regarding remotely piloted aircraft systems or ‘drones’, and farmers’ rights as to being watched from the sky.

In Federated Farmers submissions to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on the regulation of remotely piloted aircraft systems, we raised concerns about privacy and security and strongly advocated that privacy issues be dealt with at the same time as safety matters.

Consequently, the CAA developed rules that addressed both safety and privacy concerns, which provides farmers with some protection against airborne observation.
Specifically, the rules require drone operators to obtain the consent of property owners and people that they are flying over. It is a two step requirement:
First, an operator must not use airspace above people unless they have the consent of people below the flight; and
Second, an operator must not use airspace above an area of property unless prior consent has been obtained from any persons occupying that property or the property owner.

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