Rural Boundary Fencing
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Rural Boundary Fencing


Boundary fencing is a huge issue for farmers and can lead to unnecessary disputes between neighbours. The factsheet gives a basic outline of rights and obligations of land owners, in order to avoid such situations.

Adequate Fencing

The Fencing Act 1978 states that a fence must be adequate, meaning that its nature, condition and state of repair should be reasonable for the intended purpose of the fence. The Act sees substantial wire fences, prefabricated netting fences and sufficient live fences as adequate in a rural context.
If the boundary fence appears to be inadequate the Fencing Act allows a land owner to seek contribution towards a reasonable new fence from an adjacent land owner. In order to compel a neighbour to contribute, you need to serve upon them a fencing notice. The Fencing Act does not apply to fences along roads, railway lines, marginal strips or national parks.

See the factsheet for more information on correct procedure to approach these scenarios