Federated Farmers Submission for Horizons Regional Council Long Term Plan

Federated Farmers notes that Ruapehu and Tararua are well above the rest of the region for rates increases. We ask that Council provide going forward, explanations to support substantial rates increases, providing the rationale for the increase and where possible, details of any increased services for which their rates will now contribute to. We do not support the proposed Tararua and Ruapehu River Management Schemes. We ask that Council prepare further information for rural ratepayers to consider, before progressing with any particular option.

Federated Farmers does not agree that it is Horizons role to act as the drinking water information conduit for Territorial Authorities, at the expense of the Regional Council’s ratepayers.

We do not support the proposal to develop a Fund specific to enabling District Council’s with their individual projects. We do not consider this activity to be core Regional Council business, and given the already significant rates increase, cannot justify it’s inclusion given it is proposed to add 1.1 percent to rates across the region.

Federated Farmers supports the considered approach that Council are taking to the Taupo Quay and Putiki projects, and we ask that ratepayers are consulted on the draft plan well in advance of any formal consultation process.  We also support the use of targeted rates for improvements on schemes such as the Matarawa Scheme.

For more information, please see full submission

Given our support for SLUI, we are pleased to see that Council are proposing to increase rates to ensure no reduction in programme resource.

Federated Farmers is concerned at the approach Council is taking to the eradication of Old Mans Beard. We don’t believe Council is making head way with this pest, and would like to work directly with Council to discuss further. We also have concerns about the practices applied to Gorse. We would also like to work with Council to discuss the approach taken, to identify possible alternatives.