Federated Farmers Submission for Kapiti District Council Long Term Plan

Summary of Recommendations

Federated Farmers opposes the proposed CV roading rate, as it heightens a discrepancy between ratepayers rather than solving the affordability problem the Council has identified, and is vulnerable to fluctuations in value, unlike the district-wide flat roading charge.

That the Council retain the existing hybrid funding model for roading by keeping the district-wide targeted uniform charge of (e.g. $235 in the 2017-18 Annual Plan, in combination with a general roading rate based upon land value).

That economic development be funded by a targeted rate paid by commercial ratepayers who benefit from the activity, such as commercial properties located within the town centres.

That concerns about affordability of rates be addressed through rates remission policies rather than through the structure of the rating system itself.

For more, see the full submission