Federated Farmers submission for Manawatu District Council Long Term Plan

Federated Farmers does not support Council’s proposal to amend the rural differentials for roading and the general rate.We therefore submit that Council retain the current differentials.

Council’s current rating differentials were struck in 1989 when the change was made to amalgamate the Borough Councils in to the District Council. The basis for the differentials at this time was to ensure that rural ratepayers were not unfairly contributing to the rating pool.

Despite the historical standing of these differentials, today’s Council now believes there is some great flaw with how the rating system is working and are proposing it be ‘fixed’ by on the whole moving more of the rating burden to the rural ratepayer. This is despite a similar proposal falling over only 6 years earlier. We therefore ask Council again, what is the real driver behind the need to make these differential changes?

For more information please see the full submission.