Federated Farmers Feedback on Initial Consultation Options Selwyn District Plan Review

We wrote to Selwyn District Council on its initial options based on their review of their District Plan so far.  

We made a number of recommendations on key rural topics:
  • Outstanding Natural Landscapes & Visual Amenity Landscapes
  • Sites & areas of cultural significance
  • Water
  • Rural Density
  • Quarrying
  • Vegetation planting
  • Earthworks
These topics can seriously impinge on general farming practices.

We have set our general expectations about the approach we would like council to take, and have asked the council to keep engaging with Federated Farmers and our members.

The notified plan will not be issued until the middle of 2020 so we will continue to work with council and ensure the rules work for you.

We encourage our members to read our feedback to the council as some of the proposed changes could have a real impact on you.

Please keep in touch with your North Canterbury Policy Advisor, Elisha Young-Ebert, if you have any questions or concerns about District Plan review.