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Economic Week - November 16

Food prices fell 0.6% in October 2018 according to Statistics NZ’s monthly Food Price Index

Solutions, not taxes, needed in Co2 cuts countdown

What are our lifestyles and production systems going to be like without fossil fuels. It's time we started look for practical alternatives, Andrew Hoggard writes.

Tahi Ngātahi enters the workplace

A Federated Farmers supported education scheme is launched.


Waikato District Council's proposals on SNAs within District Plan 2018

Federated Farmers of New Zealand are at the forefront of working on behalf of members in the Waikato District Council (WDC) region on proposed protected areas identified within the Proposed District Plan 2018.

Lake Rotorua PC10

We're working really hard in the Lake Rotorua catchment to ensure farmers are treated fairly regarding nitrogen discharge allowances. Show your support by contributing to our legal costs.