From an international perspective, New Zealand's arable industry could be viewed as small, with 2,500 farmers and revenue of approximately $5 billion. However, the industry contributes extensively to the New Zealand economy. Many Federated Farmers provinces have a Arable chairperson who leads a local group of growers. These groups tend to deal with local issues such as stubble burning regulations, Resource Management Act compliance and local product contracts. They also feed information back into the national network.

Whats been happening

Red Clover Moth

Posted on 16/02/2017
The red clover Case Bearer moth has recently been found in Auckland and Canterbury - for more information see this factsheet

Blackgrass Response 2016-17

Posted on 26/09/2017
Be vigilant for blackgrass this growing season - with a potential estimated industry impact of $8.14 million, we all need to do our part in preventing blackgrass incursion

Arable GIA Deed Review 2016

Posted on 26/04/2016
All members of the arable industry recognise the importance of an enhanced biosecurity system that ensures harmful pests and diseases are kept out of New Zealand and can see the positive benefits that engaging in the GIA process will bring to our ind

Oil and Gas Exploration activities on Private Land

Posted on 26/09/2017
Oil & gas: exploration activities on private land - minimum impact activity

Velvetleaf Farm Management

Posted on 26/09/2017
MPI guide to Velvetleaf management

Arable Industry Policy Contact

Philippa Rawlinson

Arable Industry Advisor
M: 021 512 971