Rural Butchers

Federated Farmers Rural Butchers is an industry group that was started in 1988 to represent the interests of rural butchers.

Rural Butchers operate in the homekill sector and, as dual-operator butchers, homekill butchers or homekill contractors, are paid to kill and/or process unregulated meat from unlicensed premises such as farms by the owners of the animals.

Rural Butchers get together every year, for a general meeting and conference. All members are welcome to attend these gatherings to socialise, to meet with other Rural Butchers and to share thoughts about issues the industry faces.

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Rural Butcher Contacts

Craig Hamilton

Rural Butchers Industry Group Executive Member
T: 032313481
M: 0274313481

Craig Merritt

Rural Butchers Industry Group Chairperson
T: 063248816
M: 0274815834

Dave Burt

Senior Industry Advisor
T: 044949182

Kalvin Shaw

Rural Butchers Industry Group Executive Members
T: 032076788
M: 0272467580

Peter Russell

Rural Butchers Industry Group
T: 067568614
M: 021783257