Adverse Events

The unpredictability of the New Zealand weather, along with our geographical make-up and position along major earthquake fault-lines, means we are extremely vulnerable to adverse events such as floods, drought and earthquakes.

Over recent years farmers have been affected by various events, which have resulted in rural communities demonstrating their strong support ethic and assistance both in the immediate response and subsequent longer-term recovery.

Federated Farmers has a strong background and reputation in the area of adverse events, being at the forefront of major responses and longer term recovery planning, working alongside such organisations as the Rural Support Trusts, MPI and Civil Defence.

We are often the first point of call during a response, with our members and staff providing a wide range of support.

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Farmer Support & Feedline

Posted on 5/03/2018

Civil Defence Emergency Management Amendment Bill

Posted on 24/03/2016
The Federation takes a very strong interest in the adverse events area as our elected members in governance roles, our staff and most important of all, many of our farmer members are active in helping their communities during adverse events...

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