Policy Digest

There is mountains of important policy work going on at the moment. We are lucky at Federated Farmers to have the most skilled policy advisors backed by passionate elected farmer representatives working on behalf of our members  – That is the power of Feds !  

During our work we generate tens of thousands of pages of submission and statements – these are more of a snapshot of the current hot topics and issues.

It should show you issues that affect you as farmers on the policy stage from local councils to central government. 

Disclaimer – these articles are snapshot articles and opinions and are not to be taken out of context with Federated Farmers official policy. They should not be taken as any form of advice and you should take appropriate independent professional advice.

The Latest

Four years and counting – what’s our water future?

Posted on 31/05/2018
We are at the pointy end of four years of work from the Ruamahanga Whaitua Committee (RWC) and locals will hopefully have noticed there is a round of public meetings being held.

Talk with us, not at us

Posted on 31/05/2018
It certainly is an interesting time to be a farmer now, and not necessarily for all the right reasons.

Proposed rates bills galloping ahead of inflation

Posted on 20/04/2018
Federated Farmers is concerned that the Hawkes Bay Regional Council will be diverting farmers’ finances away from on-farm environmental actions and towards rates bills instead.

Wake up or be prepared to cough up

Posted on 20/04/2018
Councils across New Zealand have their draft 10-year Long Term Plans (LTP) out for consultation over the next month or so. Are you feeling sleepy already?

Tax system fairness, balance under scrutiny

Posted on 20/04/2018
Is New Zealand too lightly taxed? Does the tax system favour speculation over the productive economy? Is it fair to low-income earners? Should tax be used to drive behaviour change?

New challenges raining down on farmers

Posted on 19/03/2018
The recent rain has been as welcome as a cold beer at the end of a very hot day.

When weeds take root, profits wither

Posted on 19/03/2018
From old foes to newer arrivals that continually threaten our borders, weed control is ongoing and expensive. But until recently we’ve not known how much weeds cost the country.

Roading rate flattens farmers

Posted on 19/03/2018
Federated Farmers will once again be highlighting the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council’s inequitable roading rate in its submission on their Long Term Plan.

Game fish are part of our waterway challenge

Posted on 1/03/2018
New Zealand is a land of biodiversity and where we value our native flora and fauna, be that trees and shrubs, or birds and fish.