Representing Wairarapa farmers

The Wairarapa Province of Federated Farmers incorporates Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa districts, as well as Kapiti Coast and Wellington areas.  Agriculture is the major source of income and employment in the Wairarapa, despite the growth of tourism, wine-making, manufacturing and the services industry. Sheep stations along the eastern hill country, which used to primarily produce wool, have given up large areas to forestry.

Wairarapa sheep and beef cattle farmers on lower lying land have adopted more intensive farming systems to stay economically viable. Dairy farms, found mostly in southern Wairarapa, are adopting new technology and increasing herd sizes. Areas with poorer pasture and gravelly soil along the central river system are now being used for grapes.

Wairarapa is often targeted as a showcase for international visitors being the closest farming district to New Zealand's capital and government hub, Wellington.

Federated Farmers works constructively with local councils and the Greater Wellington Regional Council, on issues across water and the environment.

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Wairarapa Provincial Contacts

William Beetham

T: 06 372 2546
M: 027 600 0777
E: waifedspresident@gmail.com

Wilfred Van Beek

Dairy Chairperson
E: vanbeek@wise.net.nz

Adam Giddens

Sharemilkers' Section Chairperson
T: 06 379 7354
M: 027 318 7986
E: giddens.adam@gmail.com

Karen Williams

Arable Chairperson 
T: 06 379 489
M: 027 243 3725
E: mick.karen@ahiaruhefarm.co.nz

Liz McGruddy

Senior Policy Advisor
T: 04 494 9186
M: 027 217 6732
E: emcgruddy@fedfarm.org.nz


April Mainland

Territory Manager
T: 0800 327 646
M:  027 217 6744
E: amainland@fedfarm.org.nz