Rural-proofing policy is a good move
The announcement that government policy makers will have to factor rural communities into their decision making is a good move, Federated Farmers President Katie Milne says.

The proof of its value to the rural community will be a genuine commitment by government agencies to engrain its principles in their processes, Katie says.

 The Government launched the Rural Proofing Policy at Fieldays today.
"It’s great the Government is publicly declaring through policy design they want to make sure their decisions are rural-proofed."

The idea is that when policy is formed, those who create it must take into account factors which affect rural communities.
"It is disappointing that a minister has seen a need to push for policy makers to ensure an entire section of people are included into their collective thinking when designing policy," Katie says.
"However, we congratulate the Minster for Rural Communities for this initiative."
"When policy is created it should be created with the whole community in mind. When you govern, you govern for all New Zealanders. A big thank you to Damien O’Connor for standing up for our communities."

Katie believes the announcement shows society is becoming more and more urbanised.
"Even policy makers are beginning to show a lack of understanding of food producers’ and rural communities’ needs."

This policy move will help embed a renewed understanding and better protect our future, Katie says.
"It’s much easier to design for all needs at the start of a policy consultation than to retrofit the bits you missed later on."