Lake Rotorua Plan Change 10 campaign

Plan Change 10 (“PC10”) requires irreversible land use change to achieve a nitrogen target in circumstances where the science no longer supports the target.  The impact on farmers in the catchment will be devastating.

We consider that it is necessary to appeal PC10 to the Environment Court in order to achieve a sensible, practical and affordable planning framework that achieves the water quality objectives.

Unfortunately, the appeal is likely to involve significant expense (upwards of $50,000) as we will need to contract in expertise not available in house to develop the planning, science and economic aspects of our alternative plan.

This is in addition to the significant contribution Federated Farmers is making through its in-house policy, science and legal experts.

While it is not expected that there will be a surplus, any surplus funds at the end of the court process will be applied towards the costs of implementation of PC10.

All money received will only be used for the benefit of Lake Rotorua Catchment farmers.  

As a guideline, it is suggested that farmers in the catchment contribute $1,000 to $2,000 each.  However, any donation from any party (member or non-member) is gratefully received.

You can also phone 0800 327 646 to make a donation, for internet banking details and/ or request an invoice be sent to you.

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