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New zealand's world-beating farm system

New Zealand's primary industries as of August 2012, generate 71 percent of New Zealand's overseas merchandise trade (what we physically export).

Pastoral agriculture, which is what Federated Farmers represents, is made up of cropping farmers, dairy farmers and those who farm for meat and fibre.  Their work and that of processors represents half of all New Zealands primary exports worth some $19 billion.  It is big business needing support outside the farm gate. This is why the primary industries (agriculture, forestry, and fishing) employ around 150,000 people.

With leadership inspired by those who do

 inside pastoral agriculture

Useful factS, figures & RESOURCES

Statistics & economics:

2012 Beef+Lamb Compendium of Farm Facts

2012-13 MPI Situation & Outlook for NZ Primary Industries

2012 Foreign ownership of farmland

Domestic trends in agricultural land-use

Industry productivity & the NZ-Australian income gap

Politics and policy:

Federated Farmers Local Elections Manifesto 2016

Federated Farmers Manifesto for 2011-2014

Life after subsidies - the New Zealand experience

Adapting to a changing climate:

Impacts of climate change on land-based sectors and adaptation options: Stakeholder report

Climate Change Adaptation Toolbox

Case studies and papers



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