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About Federated Farmers

Advocating for farmers in the modern New Zealand economy

No one farmer can respond to the mass of policy and issues we collectively face. That is Federated Farmers’ role and our mission is to take farming forward.

We are a membership based organisation consisting of 24 provinces and employ professional staff who work for our member-farmers. As a democratic organisation, we give farmers a collective voice at both a regional, national and international level.

We also represent the specific interests of members within Meat & Fibre, Dairy, Goats, Rural Butchers, High Country and Arable.

Telling the farmer story to New Zealand

 To read a case study on Bruce Wills' farm, please click here.


federated farmers manifesto

General Elections - Federated Farmers has launched its own Manifesto for the 2014 General Election and unlike the political parties, isn't soliciting for votes, but wide-ranging support for policies that will advance the country economically and environmentally.

Federated Farmers Manifesto 2014

Local Elections - With candidates lodging nomination forms for the 2013 Local Elections, Federated Farmers has released ‘The Farmers’ Manifesto,’ outlining its local government priorities. The Manifesto has also been presented to David Shearer, Leader of the Opposition.

Local Elections Manifesto 2013

 farmers speak for farmers backed by policy experts

Federated Farmers is governed by a National Board (pictured left) and a National Council.

The National Board meets regularly and comprises our President, Vice-president, three Industry Group chairpersons and two National Board 'members at large'. The National Council meets twice a year and comprises the National Board with representatives from both the provinces and industry groups (as in the photograph).

Policy is member driven. Members' views are canvassed by staff and elected representatives who formulate submissions that help local and central government decision making.

The Federation's aim is to add value to the business of farming for our members and encouraging sustainability through best practice. To find out more about Federated Farmers, please call 0800 327 646 (0800 FARMING).


Graham Smith
Graham Smith
Category: Senior Management Team
Position: Chief Executive

T: 04 494 9189
F: 04 473 1081
M: 021 710 283
E: gsmith@fedfarm.org.nz
Location: Wellington office

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