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To join Federated Farmers, you can purchase a membership by filling in the form below or by calling us on 0800 327 646.

Please choose one of the membership types (All prices include GST)

For more detail about these membership types, see the 2015 Federated Farmers Membership Categories & Benefits document

Business Owner/Director 1$635.00
Farm Manager 1,2 $445.00
Rural Contractor 1 $445.00
Farmlet 1 $445.00
Rural Services 2 $445.00
Farm Employee 2,3 $127.00
Supporter 2,3 $127.00

  1. Two people are included in these prices. All prices inlcude GST
  2. The previous subscription categories included an "ASSOCIATE" option for additional members to be included on the Business Owner/Director membership. Should you have ADDITIONAL farms or individuals that you wish to include as members, the Farm Manager and/or Farm Employee/Supporter membership categories are designed for this purpose. They can also be used on their own by persons wishing to join as a member under these categories. If you have any questions regarding the various subscription options please call FREEPHONE 0800 327 646 and the Membership Team will be able to help you.
  3. Service package excludes preferential rates for contracts and agreements and free 0800 Employment and legal advice help line and can only have one named contact.

Non-member account only **$0

** Choose this option if you want to use our services like Rural Jobs or Shop but not join up. Please note: non-member accounts do not receive any member-only discounts or extra benefits.

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