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 Contracts and Agreements

Immigration Pack! New product from Federated Farmers

We have developed a guide for dairy farm employers to use when they want to employ a migrant. This guide is an interactive document that simplifies the process by asking you questions and providing you with the relevant information, based on your answers.

The pack also includes a copy of our Remuneration Report, to provide you with a guide on what to pay your migrant.

You can buy it online or by calling us on 0800 327 646

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Farming is a highly complex business requiring the same legal and administrative capabilities and resources as any other profession.

Federated Farmers has a range of contracts and agreements specifically developed to cover all the legal requirements of running a modern agricultural business.

These documents have been tried, tested and have proven their worth.  Tens of thousands are used every year by members, especially the employment and dairy agreements. Price List

Federated Farmers member can access these at preferential rates, which in most cases offers an 80% discount on the RRP. As you can see, there is a huge back-pocket benefit to being a member.

  What we can do for your farm business:

Agreements for leasing, growing and contracting for land, crops and stock, the sale and purchase of stock and equipment

Agreements for dairy operations, 50/50 sharemilking, variable order sharemilking and contract milking

Employment Agreements for permanent, fixed term and casual work, employment application forms, leave applications, time, wage and holiday records, workplace drug and alcohol policy and farm data security agreements..

Occupational Safety & Health Policy and Manual with hazard and accident registers

Other documents available include visitor access protocols, remuneration survey report, over-dimension extension certificates, log books and diaries.

 Training and development

Employment Services




We have you covered, buy online or phone 0800 327 646.

66 percent discount for members.

Legal helpline

  • Call 0800 327 646 – FREE for members (who have this service included in their membership).

Salary advice

What should you be paying or be paid?

Kiwi Saver

Immigration and Labour

ACC and Health & Safety

Education and Skills

Employment Legislation

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