Media release

Fieldays growth underlines primary sector importance

October 6, 2017

The importance of the primary sector to the New Zealand economy is emphasised today by Fieldays’ 2017 Economic Impact Report.
A report prepared by the University of Waikato Management School’s Institute of Business Research, reveals that the biggest agricultural expo in the southern hemisphere, generated an estimated $238 million to New Zealand’s GDP, an increase of 24.7 per cent when compared to 2016.
Federated Farmers’ Board member Chris Lewis is particularly familiar with Fieldays and regards the event as a key indicator to how the country is faring.
He said, "The report really is welcome news to all farmers and should instill more confidence after some tough years. It also demonstrates the strength of our wider economy with overall spending up $108 million on last year.
"It’s well known the impact Fieldays has on the local Waikato and wider primary sector. This year it has broken the half billion-dollar mark in sales, that spending flows directly back into New Zealand businesses stimulating growth and wealth," Chris said.
The event in June, attracted over 133,000 visitors and remains a popular pilgrimage for farmers throughout the country, and curious townies, since it started almost 50 years ago.
"Well done to the Fieldays Society and organisers, this is a significantly big event to host and their success, reflects the value of the primary sector and what it brings to our rural and urban communities," says Chris.