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We recommend individual farmers focus on providing an overview of the impacts and investment at their farm level. We also suggest you provide details of any specific on farm actions undertaken to improve environmental outcomes.  These good farm stories are not recognised in the proposals, and central government needs to be made aware of them. 

We know this is a big ask at a busy time of year, but unfortunately, at this stage, this is the only chance to influence this regulation. 

We have developed two submission templates (below) to help farmers with their submission. The farmer submission form is shorter and has prompts on some key areas that would be helpful for government to better understand, there is a guidance document to use alongside it that will help you fill it in and work out some basic costs around fencing and planting. The second, MfE Feedback Questions, is a deeper dive into the questions  MfE have put into their discussion document. There are 81 questions in total but feel free to answer as few or as many as you feel necessary. With either template, email to   when you have completed it.

Our submission forms can be found here

Alternatively you can click here and complete the online MfE submission form or do it freestyle by writing a letter and email this directly to    

While you are completing the submission, we have a snapshot on our main Essential Freshwater page we have pulled together to make sense of all the documents on offer. You are also welcome to look into the other documents and summaries provided by other organisations to inform your submission.

Click here to go to our mapping tool to look up the low slope areas and measure your waterways. The river line on here is only an indication. Drains and rivers larger than a 1m wide will be captured on these proposals.