Member Advisory

Movement restricted properties - permits for winter grazing movement

May 31, 2018

To:  All Federated Farmers members

MPI has confirmed that it will fully support farmers whose properties have been placed under movement restrictions to move cattle to winter grazing.
This process will be carefully monitored by way of a permit being issued. Farmers must give notice to MPI that a permit is required. This should be done by a request through the farmer's ICP Manager.  
To ensure that a permit will be processed quickly, please ensure that you have this information available for your ICP manager:
  • Classes of stock to move
  • Number of each class
  • NAIT number moving from
  • NAIT number moving to
  • Ability to scan cattle off the farm
  • Details of person who will be managing cattle at grazing - owner or grazier
  • Details about how the cattle will be contained on the property and whether they will be sole grazing or with other cattle
  • If further testing is required, will there be suitable facilities for this to be undertaken at the grazing property.