Member Advisory

Potatoes available

June 18, 2020

We have managed to find 350 tonnes of Potatoes for stock feed available for drought-affected farmers able to cover transport - 17 Containers of 21.5 tons of potatoes are available. Transport is relatively specialist as they need to be able to tip the container and we will have more information on this when you call. 
If you are interested, contact Ben Moore directly on 027 547 2966

Feed transitioning 

When you are considering feeding potatoes:
  • First and foremost, talk to your vet about transition and how to supplement them as they have a high risk of acidosis.
  • DairyNZ recommends to restrict to 3kg/cow/day if fed in bins, see more on DairyNZ’s advice on feeding potatoes here
  • Also be aware that there is a risk that cows can swallow potatoes, and choke.

Threshed Ryegrass Straw

Quigley’s are currently sending 40’ containers to Tauranga and Napier ports, and will also go into Marsden Point for Northland deliveries. They are using local transport companies to collect the containers and de-van the bales to trucks for delivery to farm in each region. 
The average pricing is $375+GST per tonne into the greater Waikato. Areas outside 100kms from Tauranga Port may need to be reviewed as the carrier may require a wee bit more to cover further kilometers. But they can get the product delivered to anywhere in the North Island, some more rural areas will, however, be POA.
They also have several agricultural contractors signed up in all areas who can take an order smaller than a full load. They are happy to pass on the contractor contact information in each area should anyone require smaller lots.

Contact Yvette Duval at Quigley’s on 027 5369 969 

Feed planning 

Make sure you are getting help with your management and feed planning ahead late into spring.

While it can be tempting to throw more feed at the situation, we do strongly recommend that farmers have good long term feed and management plans that have been completed with experts. If you haven’t done this with a private consultant, MPI has a free service via DairyNZ or Beef + Lamb which will connect you to a farm consultant within a couple of days. Talking through your plan with a new set of eyes can take a huge weight off and may be able to offer some out of the box ideas.


We understand that rain can and will make a difference but certain regions are under severe pressure, not just now, but will be ongoing pressure into the spring. It’s all about preparation. There are large blocks off annual grass being kept in store and weather permitting will be baled in August. So please keep that in mind and we wish you all the best for calving. Always remember the 7p’s.
"Proper planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance “
Ben Moore
Waikato vice-Provincial President