Member Advisory

Feds to speak at Wairoa rates hearing

December 10, 2020

To: Wairoa members
Federated Farmers invites you to attend the hearing on the Wairoa Rates Review to support our submission. 
  • Wednesday 16 December
  • 10:30am
  • at the Wairoa District Council Chambers, Coronation Square
Let’s show the Council how important rates are to us, by filling the audience with farmers. 

Federated Farmers' Submission

  1. That targeted rates are retained as the mechanism for funding roading, services and recreation, in order to provide for transparency.
  2. Federated Farmers supports a change to Capital Value as being more reflective of ability to pay than land value alone, but this support is on the condition that differentials are used.
  3. That the differential system is simplified to rating areas plus land use differentials similar to Hastings, to replace the excessive 34 differentials without compromising proportionality.
  4. That reticulated services remain funded 100% by targeted rates and charges.
  5. That water metering is expanded as a way to reduce waste, slow demand, and provide better affordability for ratepayers who use this resource responsibly.
  6. That the concern around the UAGC on rates affordability will not be alleviated by using the General Rate more, but instead to utilise uniform charges as these are not vulnerable to property value fluctuations.
  7. That the UAGC percentage of the total rate take is reported to us, so we can think of alternative solutions.
  8. That a hybrid funding model is introduced to fund roading as a method of increasing affordability for all ratepayers. The model should consist of a district-wide targeted uniform charge as well as a land or capital value general rate.
  9. Federated Farmers supports keeping the targeted Recreation rate and suggests that instead of being struck on land value or capital value that a flat fee is investigated. A flat fee recognises that every ratepayer in the district has the same opportunity to visit a park or reserve and their value from this service is not determined by their property value. 

We hope to see you at the hearing. 


Contact us:

Allan Newton
Wairoa Branch Chair Federated Farmers
Ph: 021 617 448
Rhea Dasent
Regional Policy Advisor Federated Farmers
Ph: 021 501 817