Member Advisory

Day 6 do you need help? please register!

3 June 2021
We are having lots of offers for help which is amazing, particularly from people who the rural communities helped during the earthquake. 
If you are ready for assistance from volunteer help on farm - please register your needs below.

Your registration will be passed onto coordinators matching volunteers with farmers needing help.

Other updates 

NAIT has extended the timeframes for updating NAIT to help ease some of the pressure on People in Charge of Animals (PICAs) and farmers in the Canterbury region.

These timeframes will apply from when the state of emergency across the Canterbury region is lifted. More here
FMG have updated their website to include information specific to the Canterbury flood event: This site has useful information on how to make a claim, insurance FAQ’s, industry support and advice, wellbeing support, and specific comments on Moving Day. More here
Any scheduled farm audits, consenting, or compliance activity impacted by the weather event can be deferred for the time being. Environment Canterbury will work with consent holders and auditors to reschedule to an appropriate time, once the emergency and recovery have passed. More here
Remember there is only so much you can do in one day. Take care of yourself – help is on its way.
Roads continue to be a challenge with lots of damage, slips, and washouts. Repairs are underway but this work will take a while. We can't emphasise enough essential trips only. If there are road closures that are affecting your ability to manage and care for stock, please contact us so that we can work with the local authorities to get you safe access.
Remember safety first. You, your family, and your neighbor’s well-being is paramount
If life, health, or property is in danger, call 111.

Please reach out to the below contact if you need more information or support: 0800 327 646

Caroline Amyes
North Canterbury
David Clark
Mid Canterbury
Greg Anderson
South Canterbury