Member Advisory

Advice on flood-damaged items

4 June 2021

To: Selwyn District members
The Operations Team at the Selwyn Emergency Operations Centre advises they're looking to get a collection plan set up for farmers throughout the region regarding removal of anything and everything damaged in the flooding.
Farmers are asked to, if possible, get skips to properties for collection of small items and domestic rubbish. Pile up larger items and damaged farm stuff into an accessable pile for collection once the ground begins to dry enough for trucking to resume. 
In the meantime the Council is asking farmers to hold off on burning silage wrapping, sodden hay, stuffed posts, etc., as the plan is to collect and dispose of when it can be managed.
"The council will be attempting to coordinate as much of the collection and final sorting as possible but anything that makes this easier will make the job faster and smoother for all involved," the Emergency Ops team said.
"If there are any questions or ways we can help, please feel free to give the Operations desk a call. The direct line is 027 601 4675."
Harry Matthews
Territory Manager, Federated Farmers