Member Advisory

Flood damage in wheat crops 

3 June 2021

To all Arable members
With the recent extremes in weather, Federated Farmers reminds members to check their growing wheat crops or any harvested wheat crops in storage for flood damage, and to make video or picture recordings of the damage, as much as possible. Please make sure your neighbours are aware of this.
The United Wheatgrowers Insurance scheme insures against damage to wheat crops where there has been flooding beyond normal water course boundaries (i.e. a river overflow). We encourage you to monitor your crops progress over the next couple of weeks to identify if there is any lost crop; there is no rush to lodge the claim. For clarity, the scheme covers replanting cost only, and is only for washed out crop, not drowned in ponded water.

To lodge a claim, please contact FMG and they will appoint an assessor to visit your crop to determine the loss. Growers may have to wait for an inspection.


Details of the UWG Insurance scheme can be found here


For further information contact: 
Brian Leadley
United Wheatgrowers
0274 505 305

0800 366 466

Colin Hurst
National Board Member
027 689 5898