Member Advisory

Assessment criteria for the Canterbury Flood Recovery Fund

5 July 2021

MPI have released the criteria for the 4 million dollar fund today. The details are below:
  • To enable and assist farmers to a return to a productive state quickly and without undue delay.
  • The fund will contribute towards the cost of removal of debris and land remediation.
  • Funds will be targeted to those with the most severe damage to their productive capacity.
  • The application process and provision of funds will be as simple as possible.
  • Applications can be made retrospectively where work has been undertaken.
  • An Assessment Panel of local experts and community leaders will help ensure a fair and equitable distribution of funds.
  • The priority of funding is for initial clean-up of flood deposited debris - gravel, boulders, trees and silt - where funding is not covered by another mechanism.
  • Only Freehold land and land covered by the “Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998” is eligible.
  • Only farmers with > 51% of family income coming from the farm are eligible.
  • MPI will contribute up to 50% of the uninsurable works’ cost.
  • The Assessment Panel will assist MPI to confirm that applications meet eligibility criteria, and then to allocate funds in a fair and equitable manner.
  • The panel will be given some discretion to take into account exceptional circumstances (hardship, psychosocial).
  • The fund will be open for applications for three weeks.
  • MPI will be available to assist farmers to complete their applications.
  • Following assessment by the Assessment Panel and MPI, applicants will be informed of the amount of funding offered to them.
  • Payment of funds will be made on the basis of receipts received for eligible work completed.
  • On completion of the fund a small random selection of applicants will be audited.

Caroline Amyes

Provincial President
North Canterbury
David Clark
Provincial President
Mid Canterbury
Greg Anderson
Provincial President
South Canterbury