Member Advisory

You are receiving this email because you have generously volunteered to help flood affected farmers, we would like to thank you for this offer of assistance. You may already have received some form of communication about your offer of assistance and while we do not want this to annoy you, we also do not want to miss you and your offer of help.

You may also be wondering what is happening and if help is still needed, the simple answer is yes!! The flood affected farmers are still desperately needing help to recover and work on getting things back to some sense of normality. For some farmers, this recovery will take months or even a year or two to return to pre-flood conditions. 

Co-ordinating the recovery and linking volunteers up with farmers that need the assistance will be ongoing for some weeks and months. We first need to assess what assistance is required and ensure that work conditions are safe for volunteers. Ground conditions have also limited what could be done initially and there are many farmers have been reluctant to ask for help, always thinking there is someone who needs help more urgently.

A lot of the damage has occurred along river systems and farmers have had to wait for Ecan approval and/or river protection to be done first. A few farms have suffered substantial land damage which will need machinery to correct and these farmers are not yet ready for people to access their properties. 

Please let us know if you are still available and when you might be able to assist by clicking on this link and updating us.

Recovery coordinators have been appointed to cover the Canterbury Region they are working through the priorities and will let you know when you are most needed. If you have any questions feel free to call otherwise keep an eye on your inbox for further updates, when farmers are ready we will be in touch.
South Canterbury Recovery Coordinator, David Hewson 021 720 367
Mid Canterbury Recovery Coordinator, Angela Cushnie 027 603 3457
North Canterbury Recovery Coordinator, Alix Bush 021 0277 3370