Feed plan needed for unforeseen events

29 July 2021

To: Canterbury members
Winter is not over yet and farmers need to bear in mind potential for snow or another extreme rainfall event in August or September. It’s a case of the old adage - hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
Feed supplies on farm were already stretched entering winter following a dry summer and autumn and recent rainfall events have lowered stocks.

Our advice:

Have a plan to deal with the situation if it arises – make early decisions 
  • consider how much feed you would need and do a feed budget (click here for details of help available) https://www.mpi.govt.nz/funding-rural-support/adverse-events/dealing-with-drought-conditions/#plan
  • be proactive and contact your feed supplier/contractor to see what’s available – just in case you need it. There is still feed out there.
  • consider what stock could be the first to go
  • share the plan with your team – we all know how important it is that everyone is on the same page
  • have some animal health products on hand
  • check your generator,
  • have enough fuel on hand

  • For those that are new to an area or haven’t experienced a snow event - seek advice from neighbours who have been there, done that!
  • Tap into the resources available from industry groups and MPI (links below). Snow Guidelines put out by Beef+Lamb New Zealand and DairyNZ provide useful management and feeding tips to help develop a plan.

Key links:


Free feed planning support

Call the free winter feed planning service to talk through your options:
  • 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 23 33 52)
  • 0800 4 DairyNZ (0800 43 24 79 69)

Feed coordination service

Feed coordinators have been appointed to help connect up farmers with available feed sources. This should be seen as a last resort. First and foremost, we recommend you talk to your usual feed suppliers and local contacts. If you still need the co-ordination service, call 0800 FARMING (0800 327 646). If you need feed click here or grazing click here and a Feed Coordinator will be in touch to match you with someone.
Caroline Amyes
President, Federated Farmers North Canterbury
David Clark
President, Federated Farmers Mid Canterbury
Greg Anderson
President, Federated Farmers South Canterbury