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2021 Rates Report Newsletter

17 November 2021
To all members
Federated Farmers 2021 Rates Report Newsletter has been published and can be read here.
The Rates Report is an annual wrap of Federated Farmers’ work advocating for farmers on council rates and local government policy.
To say 2021 has been a big year for local government is a bit like saying Richie McCaw was a useful rugby player and a fairly successful captain. That is a massive understatement. 
As well as all 78 councils consulting on their long-term plans and setting their rates, central government is advancing sweeping reforms, notably of the RMA and Three Waters, that will have huge impacts on councils. It has also set in motion a major review of local government, looking into what it does, how it does it, and how it pays for it. 
Councils and their communities have seen nothing like it in decades and it’s been hugely controversial.
Federated Farmers has been right in the thick of it submitting to 67 of the 78 councils’ draft long-term plans - trying to contain and reduce farm rates - and advocating hard on the Government’s reforms.
Our activity on your behalf and our commentary and insights on these hot topics are set out in the newsletter.
We hope you find the newsletter to be informative. As always, we’re keen for your feedback. 
Andrew Hoggard
National President and Local Government Spokesperson
Nigel Billings 0800 327 646