Federated Farmers Leadership & Development Programme

Our leadership and development programme for 2019 is designed to increase the skill levels and confidence of all participants, empowering farmers to excel.

We aim to equip individuals with the required skills and experience to deliver the right messages, to the right people, in a proactive manner; in order to reach favourable outcomes which affect farming businesses, the wider rural community and New Zealand’s economy as a whole.

Please see brief descriptions of each course below, including the course dates for 2019.

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Testimonial – Leadership 101

Dion Fleming, Arable farmer, Manawatu/Rangitikei (April course 2019)   
I recently took part in a leadership development course run  by Federated Farmers and Sue Pickering of Develop Ltd. I run an agriculture contracting and a large scale grain handling business yet this course was the first real ‘personal development’ I had undertaken. Although leading up to the event I was feeling a little uncertain of what was to come, I’m incredibly glad I took the time to get off the farm and spend some time with likeminded individuals to learn about the leadership and learning styles of ourselves and others who we interact with. The course was very interactive and engaging , I was made to step out of my comfort zone in the way of public speaking and I learnt some valuable skills in doing so.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is in or inspiring to a management roll, it will unlock you multitude of tools within yourself for confidently dealing with any staff, clients or presentations you may be faced with. All I can really say is to kick ya boots off, dust off ya town shoes and get into it. You won’t regret it.

Feds Leadership 101

The Feds 101 course includes:
  • Discussion and feedback session on leadership with an expert panel of leaders 
  • Improving your public speaking and presentation skills
  • Network with others across the primary industries
  • Hearing from advocacy leadership management at Federated Farmers
  • Understanding and adapting different leadership styles

For more information contact events@fedfarm.org.nz

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Advocacy Influence & Outcomes

Federated Farmers encourages and empowers their members to become more active in their communities and have the confidence to step up and speak out.
This advanced training course will help you develop the skills you need to deliver the right messages to the right people – to help bring about positive outcomes for rural communities. You will increase your effectiveness in the collaborative decision making processes - particularly regarding the RMA, ETS, land, water and the other critical issues facing agriculture.

Programme Structure

  • a self-assessment prior to workshop attendance which specifically addresses four of the eight competencies on the Federated Farmers Collaborative Advocacy Skills Framework
  • a two-day workshop consisting of seven modules, delivered by three subject-matter expert facilitators
  • use of our Workplace Application Tool to ensure new learning is applied at work
  • coaching after the workshop provided by one of our specialist coaches
  • a post-workshop on-line questionnaire to assess application effort and an opportunity for reflection
  • evidence of engagement, learning, application and results provided to Federated Farmers
The following are some accounts by participants about their experience from the programme:


  •  "A very effective two days of personal development and great to meet others from around New Zealand who are volunteering hours for better outcomes for our industry. Inspirational!"
  • "The confidence this course has given me to undertake my new position ... has been very positive. I am happy to see myself as a facilitator of information in this role and feel I have the tools to ask questions effectively, offer information and possible solutions where needed and be open to many viewpoints (of various stakeholders) of the issues at hand. This course has given me a professional approach to this opportunity and also within my own business (where I deal frequently with landowners) and I look forward to new opportunities ahead."
  • "Thanks to Fed Farmers for supporting and developing this programme. I think it is a vitally important move for NZ Agriculture to get as many people as possible active with good skills in providing positive messages and good advocacy for Ag in NZ in the face of the on-going barrage of criticism from some quarters."

The next course will take place on:

22 and 23 October 2019
Federated Farmers Wellington offices, 154 Featherston Street, Wellington

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General Terms & Conditions

Feds Leadership 101:
$699 for members and
$1,099 for non-members

Advocacy, Influence & Outcomes:

$1,989 for members
$2,650 for non-members

Participation for each programme is limited to 12 persons. The March course is for NZDIA winners only. One NZDIA winner per course thereafter.

Participants pay flights and accommodation. The Leadership Development Programme funds the costs of the course leaders, and catering, course material, and work books. NZDIA winners are paid for by Federated Farmers of New Zealand. Federated Farmers staff course fees are paid for by Federated Farmers of New Zealand, staff pay for flights and accommodation.

Terms and conditions apply
See course registration forms for details.

    Programme Hours
    The daily hours for Feds Leadership 101 are 8.15am - 4.30pm