High Country Field Day

The focus of the day is water quality, but all topics are welcomed for discussion, e.g. Crown Pastoral Land Reform Act and its implementation, biodiversity, SNAs, fencing of waterways, etc.
We will meet at 9.30am at Hakatere Station Heritage Buildings, 2387 Ashburton Gorge Road, Ashburton Lakes. From there we'll travel up to Lake Clearwater and finish the day at Erewhon Station.
Bring your own lunch, but a cuppa will be organised.
Any queries to Colin Drummond on 03 303 9739 - who will hopefully be back from autumn muster by 15th April. 

All welcome. Registration not required. 

24/04/2024 9:30 AM
New Zealand Standard Time
Hakatere Station Heritage Buildings 2387 Ashburton Gorge Road ASHBURTON LAKES 7771 NEW ZEALAND