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A podcast for farmers to stay up to date with the latest news and views shaping the future of farming in New Zealand. Tune in every fortnight as we take a deep dive into the big issues. Hosted by Ben Chapman-Smith. 

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Bird flu - what do I need to know? | EP 11 

With a highly contagious strain of bird flu now in Antarctica, the risk of it entering NZ has increased. What could its arrival mean for our agriculture sector, and what can farmers do to beef up on-farm biosecurity? Find out from Mary van Andel, MPI's chief veterinary officer. Note: some statistics mentioned in this podcast have become out of date since recording. 


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Wayne Langford: 'Farming groups need to play as a team' | EP 01 

Federated Farmers national president Wayne Langford joins us to talk about his main goals for 2024, where he's taking Feds, recent policy wins for farmers, his vision for a united agricultural sector, and his personal mental health journey. 



Cyclone Gabrielle: one year on | EP 02

To mark the one-year anniversary of Cyclone Gabrielle, Gisborne farmer Sam Hain and Federated Farmers board member Sandra Faulkner join us to recount their experiences of the event, how the rebuild has unfolded in the past 12 months, and what still needs to happen with the recovery.  



Rural banking inquiry: 'Let's get it underway' | EP 03

Why are farmers feeling under pressure from the banks, who's to blame, and what needs to happen to fix the issue? In this episode, our guests are Federated Farmers national board member Richard McIntyre and New Zealand Agri Brokers director Scott Wishart. They’ll discuss why we need a banking inquiry, but also what farmers can do now to negotiate lower interest rates.



Is farm confidence on the up? | EP 04 

Farm confidence has bounced back from last year's record lows, but is this the start of a genuine improvement or just a 'dead cat bounce'? Auckland beef farmer Tim Dangen and Federated Farmers national president Wayne Langford join us to discuss our latest Farm Confidence Survey results, what's driving confidence up, and what's weighing on farmers. 



How to get a cheaper interest rate | EP 05 

What steps can farmers take right now, and over the next few years, to get a lower interest rate? ASB's Rural GM Aidan Gent joins us to explain how farmers can strengthen their position with the banks, including showing up with a clear budget and strategy, knowing your business's strengths and weaknesses, and showing how you behave in a downturn.



Advice for new contract milkers | EP 06 

Want some practical advice on how to hit the ground running as a contract milker? Our guests Danielle Hovmand, Federated Farmers Waikato dairy vice chair, and Sam Ebbett, our Taranaki dairy chair and national sharefarmer chair, share what they learned as contract milkers, including how to do your homework, manage the money, not burn yourself out, and deal with challenges in the partnership. 



Milking it: a guide to sharemilking success | EP 07 

Get solid advice on how to succeed in sharemilking from Federated Farmers national dairy chair Richard McIntyre and experienced Waikato dairy farmer Tony Wilding. They cover the benefits and challenges of sharemilking, what a strong due diligence process looks like, the financials, building a good relationship between farm owner and sharemilker, timing your entry and exit, and more. 



Growing wealth to buy a farm, preserving wealth when exiting | EP 08 

If you’re working towards farm ownership, what are some ways to build equity for a deposit outside of traditional strategies like going sharemilking or putting money in the bank? And how can farmers at the other end of their careers safeguard their wealth when transitioning out of farm ownership? Hear some expert advice from Michael Raynes, a financial adviser at Federated Farmers partner Forsyth Barr.



Live animal exports | EP 09 

What’s happening with live cattle exports? If allowed again, what measures would be in place to ensure animals are safe and comfortable on both their journey and at their destination? Hear from Richard McIntyre, Federated Farmers national board member & dairy chair, and Brian Pearson, general manager at livestock export business BeefGen.



Virtual fencing and precision farming | EP 10 

Our guest for this episode is Sarah Adams, Gallagher’s GM of Global Strategy & New Ventures, who explains how virtual fencing works, what benefits it offers, what problems it can solve, and some common misconceptions. Sarah also covers other emerging technologies, and how tech is helping to bring greater precision to farming.