Comments on the Horizons One Plan Implementation Evaluation

For Federated Farmers, this submission is important for two reasons. Firstly, we see it as an opportunity to provide feedback on the current implementation of the One Plan, as it is being carried out across the region. We also see this as an important opportunity to note what we consider remain very real issues with regards to the objectives, policies and methods that are the basis for the One Plan. Current criticism from environmental advocacy groups that Council is failing to meet the objectives and policies within the Plan is bound to continue should we not seek to make changes to these objectives and policies.

We recognise that the Horizons region is confronted with challenges regarding the management of water resources, as are other regions in New Zealand. We have been asked to provide feedback on the rules for intensive land use consenting and nutrient management, and resulting One Plan water quality objectives. While our invitation to participate in this process makes clear that this process does not revisit community values, values and water quality objectives are inextricably linked to one another, and in this context we believe the two cannot be separated.

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