PC1 - the what, why and how you can help


What is PC1?

  • PC1 introduces new policies and rules to reduce diffuse discharges of nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment and E coli from farming activities in the Waikato.

  • PC1 requires a 20% improvement in water quality over the next 10 years.

I don’t farm in the Waikato region…. Why should I care?

  • Every regional council is required to notify plan changes to implement the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2020 by December 2024.

  • Those plan changes will include policies and rules to manage farming activities (and in many cases, require reductions in diffuse discharges of nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment and E coli from farming activities).

  • PC1 is one of the first plan changes that is directly addressing the very difficult issues facing plan makers and resource users such as:
    o How to manage and/or reduce nitrogen in the absence of Overseer?
    o What should be in regulated farm plans?
    o What minimum standards are required (e.g., fertiliser, grazing, cultivation) and how should they be worded?
    o Is it necessary to have standards that are more stringent than the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater?

  • The Environment Court will be considering these matters in PC1 in the first quarter of 2023. Its decision will likely create a precedent for the 2024 plan changes in other regions.

What can I do about it?

  • Federated Famers is taking a significant leadership role in the Environment Court process with the aim of ensuring that PC1 is practical, implementable and that farmers’ voices are heard.

  • Federated Farmers wants to ensure a framework that is enduring and that could be used elsewhere (there’s no point in every region reinventing the wheel).

  • Effectively engaging in the Environment Court process (with experts and lawyers) requires money – and a lot of it.

  • You can help by donating to our campaign. You can donate to our PC1 campaign in the following ways:
    - Phone 0800 327 646 (0800 FARMING); or
    - Bank transfer to 03-0306-0626460-00 (use the reference “PC1”); or
    - Donate online at the Federated Farmers donation page, here.

  • For more information, see Waikato Regional Council’s PC1 factsheets here.