Federated Farmers Auckland represents farmers within the Auckland Council area and part of Environment Waikato's area. These are made up from the former Rodney and Papakura District Council areas, the Waitakere, North Shore, Manukau and Auckland City Council areas, and northern part of the former Franklin District Council area.

We are split into two sub-provinces. North of the Harbour Bridge is Rodney, and south is Franklin. Although the province includes New Zealand's largest urban area, more than 80 percent is still rural and consists of diverse types of production. While you work your farm, Auckland Province works with regulators on issues that affect your business.

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Auckland Provincial Executive 

Members click here for contact details or phone 0800 327 646 for assistance.

Alan Cole
Provincial President
Craig Maxwell
Provincial Vice-President
Rosemarie Costar
Dairy Chair
Peter Anich
Meat & Wool Chair
Annaliese Morgan
Dairy Vice-Chair
Bruce Cameron
Franklin Branch Chair
John Glasson
Rodney Branch Chair
Rosemarie Costar
Franklin Branch Vice-Chair
Bruce Parris
Animal Health Board Rep
John Sexton
Animal Health Board Rep
Leeann Morgan
Field Representative
P: 0800 327 646
M: 021 112 833
E: [email protected]

Executive Members

Deborah Alexander        
Peter Anich      
Philip Bell       
Wendy Clark
Jean Hamilton        
Anna Steedman        
James Wallace       
Bruce Parris       
John Sexton       
Colin Hannah
Rural Support Trust North