Contract Milking Agreement

Contract Milking Agreement

This agreement is to be used where the owner of the farm and herd wishes to engage a contractor to manage the farm on a contract basis for a fee calculated on an agreed price per kilogram of milksolids produced by the herd.

Current Version: December 2023.  Changes made to this include updated accommodation provisions, Freshwater Farm Plan clauses and the addition of Milk Quality/Farm Assurance Schemes and Dairy Company Shares items (previously supplied as an addendum).

This contract includes:

  • Before term, start of term and end of term check lists so both parties are able to check they are ready at a glance.
  • Feds best practice clauses.
  • Itemised rubberware clause.
  • Updated clauses on the roles of parties for keeping all effluent, fertiliser and animal records.
  • Improved capital development clause.
  • Expanded clauses on tenancy, accommodation insurance and employee of the contractor house inspection requirements.

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