Lake Rotorua PC10 

Federated Farmers is concerned about potential implications for farmers and communities within the Rotorua catchment as a result of several Environment Court appeals on nitrogen allocation Plan Change 10 (“PC10”).

PC10 requires significant nitrogen leaching reductions to be made by most pastoral farming systems. Federated Farmers has serious concerns the required reductions could be significantly greater for many farmers if the nitrogen allocation approach were to change as a result of the appeals.  This would have serious implications for farming viability and the communities in the region - potentially further afield. Federated Farmers is at the forefront of ensuring that farmers’ and the rural community’s views and concerns are represented in the Environment Court.  We are working hard to ensure the Rotorua community does not end up with a worse outcome than PC10.

Our success is based on the expertise and time we are able to put into the Environment Court process so we have engaged a range of experts to help us. This is an expensive, but crucial exercise. Please make a contribution now, any amount is gratefully received. 

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